About Unmad

Pic : Stupid Unmad Gang

‘Unmad’, the Sanskrit word for ‘Mad’ or ‘Insane’,

‘UNMAD’ itself is a History. It is difficult to write a History of a History (pun added). If you want to describe it as only a Cartoon and Satire magazine- well- you can. Then you could say this magazine started in May, 1978 and have been running since then. But you have to add that this is the longest running regular monthly magazine (not as the Cartoon magazine only) of the country, and it is the only longest running Cartoon magazine of the south Asia! (Here comes the History part.) Two college students KAZI KHALED ASHRAF and ISHTIAQ HOSSAIN started this magazine in their early 20s with SAIFUL HAQUE and ILIAS KHAN. Their amateurish first issue was a massive hit among the young and adult group of readers of Bangladesh. It was sold out- all of its 3000 copies within a month. They were excited and printed the next issue up to 6000 copies and the result was amazing! Again 3000 copies sold. That’s it-No more sell. They found it as the optimum circulation for Bangladesh. (We are joking and you get that right?) . At the second issue AHSAN HABIB (present Editor) joined the gang with NAWSHAD NABI, REZA UN NABI and SULTANUL ISLAM as a Cartoonist. They all were just University first year student at that time. Unmad was a tri-monthly magazine at that time. at the 9th issue AHSAN HABIB take over the responsibility of the UNMAD publications from the founder editors. At this point he started it in a professional workflow and made it a monthly one with SAGAR KHANDAKAR as the managing Editor. UNMAD has broken a record in magazine circulation in late 80s. It’s circulation was 28000. During that time a group of young Cartoonists and idea writers like SAJJAD KABIR, ENAMUL KARIM NIRJHAR, KAZI TAPASH and MUSTAFIZUR RAHMAN joined the magazine house.

In late 90s a new group joined the team. As writers, ROMEN RAYHAN, ASRAR MASUD, AZIZUL ABEDIN, OBIDUL GANI CHANDAN, ANIK KHAN and BAPPI joined the team and as Cartoonist, TARIQUL ISLAM SHANTU, IQBAL HOSSAIN SHANU, ZAVED HOSSAIN, FARID, MUNIR HOSSEIN, MEHEDI AND SHAHRIAR . In next session a more younger group joined the team including TARIK SAIFULLAH, TANMOY, KHALED SAIFULLAH, MITU, and SHIKHA.

Eventually the house became as the Cartoon Institution of Bangladesh. Almost all the Cartoonists professional Cartoonists of Bangladesh started their career in UNMAD house as intern. Some renowned professionals like NAZRUL ISLAM, ASIFUL HUDA, SHISHIR BHATTACHARJEE, also contributed in this magazine occasionally. UNMAD also had initiated the first ever professional Cartoon course in Bangladesh in 2007. Till now eight batches of aspirant amateur Cartoonists have completed the course and a good number of them are now doing Cartoon in present print and electronic media.

UNMAD has also popular by products, such as stickers, Posters, T-shirt, mugs, key rings and other small gift items. These popular items are available exclusively in National Book fair stalls.
UNMAD has passed its 36 years of publication and celebrated it’s 300th issue in August, 2014.

Editor: Ahsan Habib

Categories: Satirical magazine

First issue: May 1978

Country: Bangladesh

Highest Circulation was: 30,000 copies